Mancora Cebicheria


Máncora Cebicheria offers you a culinary trip inspired of Máncora, coastal resort located in the north of Peru, city of surf and cebiche.

Cebiche is a dish of raw fish marinated in lime juice, based on four key pillars: fresh fish, green lime, red onion and Peruvian spices.

The fresh fish is cut in dices and marinates in a different “leche de tigre” varying each cebiche proposed.

Máncora Cebicheria also revisits traditional Peruvian dishes, such as octopus with Peruvian olive, anticuchos and causa, in the form of tapas to share.

Cebiche para todos!



    Traditional Peruvian dishes revisited in tapas to share (or not)

  • Anticuchos Octopus skewers marinated with "panca" Peruvian spice
  • Causas Mashed potatoes with "amarillo" chili (Peruvian yellow chili)
  • Octopus with Peruvian black olives sauce Carpaccio of octopus with a sauce of Peruvian black olive

    Cebiches & tiraditos

    Specialty of raw fish marinated in a marinade called "leche de tigre"

  • Cebiche clásico : classic cebiche of saithe & classic leche de tigre with limo chili
  • Cebiche Carretilla: street-food cebiche of saithe, prawns and octopus & leche de tigre with three chilis smoked (limo, rocoto, amarillo)
  • Cebiche nikkei: fusion Japanese- Peruvian cebiche of albacore tuna & Japanese leche de tigre with limo spice
  • Cebiche of salmon: red label salmon from Scotland & leche de tigre with Peruvian yellow spice smoked
  • Cebiche vegetariano : cebiche végétarien de légumes du jour & leche de tigre de légumes
  • Tiradito Máncora: carpaccio péruvien de dos de lieu noir & leche de tigre au piment amarillo fumé


    Slices of fish seared in the outside, raw in the inside

  • Salmon Red-label salmon from Scotland & yuzu leche de tigre
  • Tuna Yellow-fin tuna

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Frank R.
Frank R.
2017-04-18 12:24:17
One of the best meals we had in Paris, and of course, that's saying something. It was nice to have a break from French food, with authentic Peruvian...


Catalina Caraffo
Catalina Caraffo
06:11 12 Jun 17
Bring a nice book or a lot of patience. We wait one hour and 15 min for a table. Food was delicious but the service was a chaos! They run out of wine glasses so we wait a long time for drinks. Spicy food was not helping!
Ludovico Ruggeri Laderchi
Ludovico Ruggeri Laderchi
12:56 05 Jun 17
Good Peruvian food... Not too pricey cheviche and very nice pisco sour. Small and crowded like many Paris places but unlike many Paris places service is friendly
Alexandra Gallo
Alexandra Gallo
12:42 13 Jun 17
Super friendly waitresses. Great ceviche.
Leticia Cruz
Leticia Cruz
09:55 06 Jun 17
Excellent service with excellent food. Loooved this place.
Tal Ravid
Tal Ravid
08:51 24 Feb 17
Great dishes, good mid-day deals, lovely set of complementry alcohol. Everyone was extremely nice. It's a small and cozy place, we enjoyed it immensely. Waitress spoke French, Spanish and some reasnoble English.
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